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ugh 09-14-05 21:16
Lots of homework and lots of tests coming up that I haven't prepared for...I really need to work on this. I got a kickass job and I love every minute there (how weird is that?). I wish i was with friends right now, but instead I do...hoemwoeokr. ugh
Movie Speech 09-09-05 13:42
Just something I wrote...don’t look deep into it!

Sitting here, I let my thoughts get the best of me again- the real deep ones. The ones that are so raw, pure, emotional…indescribable!, that all you are able to do is stand with a fixed expression on your face, waiting for a breath of fresh air to come in and sweep it all out in one swift motion. I used to be happy. It’s such a grueling digestion, knowing that you’re better off in your past then you are in your future. A shitty feeling, really, knowing that the future holds no warmth for your heart; all that awaits you is a superficial, pretentious little fuck world full of people with blank expressions behind their grinning faces. Each passerby in the street either overly exposing a brotherly look as you each walk by or the look of total disgust, like you’re not even worth the strain on his neck to lift the head and smile. Greeting cards for the weak of mind; the people who can’t think of how to express their feelings in a better way than a thin sheet of cardboard can. I used to be happy. Why make yourself feel happy when you can take it from others?
mmm...peaches 09-07-05 00:04
When I was in grade school, I used to go to my grandparents for the summer. We used to wake up each morning not knowing what the day would bring. There were peaches the size of your fist, that when you bit into them, you felt as if nothing else mattered. It was the feeling that you were saved, that you had been reborn and were experiencing things in life for the first time. The juice was so thick that it would run onto your chin and stay there for the entire day, no matter how much you scrubbed.
sept. 1 09-07-05 00:04
Since I don't want to do homework quite yet, I thought I'd write a bit about today's top stories. I've been slacking off in class, which resonates the fact that I've turned into an even larger procrastinator. I didn't think that was possible, but it seems I've outdone myself yet again. Today also brought about some interesting ups and downs. First, the downs. I have a tight knit group of friends, yet recently a few of them have been blatantly keeping to themselves, not bothering to associate with the rest of the crowd. I think the motive of this differentiation is the feelings one friend has for the other. Quite possibly, there might be some hidden feelings under these deceiving characteristics? I hope so. If there are, I just wish the rest of us weren't left in the dark. On a brighter note, I'm going to be seeing Sufjan Stevens this month. Time to turn on the music and get motivated.
Boo yah! 08-31-05 12:33
I decided it's time to type random thoughts so my writing doesn't get rusty on me. That and I have lots of time on hand. More to come!
Hello, 08-31-05 12:29
My name is calvinstanley. I'm new to elowel.